While I can’t (yet!) write how we cheered during Olympics, at least I made this post: you’re welcome to watch. Feel free to comment.

All rights to videos belong to their authors or legal owners. I do not store, save or keep them here, just embedded on one page. None of them is mine, I couldn’t film, just watched, so huge thanks to everyone who’ve done it.

Official version, Olympic Channel


Another video!


The same video, but you also can watch coaches’ reaction during the skating.






British Eurosport


Russian commentaries

The same video, but different commentators.
Comments: A. Stepanova, I. Bukin, A. Zhurankov

Comments: T. Tarasova, A. Grishin

Comments: E. Ilynikh, D. Alkhazov

No commentaries


Fan cameras

This is my favorite, and it’s with K&C.